Powwow for Hope (PHOTOS)

I had the honor of attending the 5th Annual Powwow For Hope: "Dancing for Life, Love & Hope" at Fort Snelling in St. Paul, MN, my first experience at an American Indian powwow. I hope to attend more in the future and would encourage everyone to consider attending and learning more about the spirituality of our native brothers and sisters. 

Spring (PHOTOS)

You have to admit it's getting better. All the trees are coming alive and I couldn't be happier. In the midst of all the chaos and distractions in this modern age, there isn'y anything like the undeniably sacred passage from darkness into the light. Thank you spring for reminded us that life is a process of change and renewal. 

Oregon (VIDEO)

I recently ventured out west to visit family and friends and to shoot a music video for my brothers band Amos val in SE Portland. I used to only make these kind of vacation videos and I really enjoyed getting back to my roots on many levels. The song - We Need Help by The Album Leaf - has been on my list to use for a video for about 9 years. It just felt right with this one.