Twin Town Guitars (VIDEO)

I recently shot and edited a 30-second spot for Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis. I've been a long time fan and customer of theirs and when I was given the assignment to shoot a commercial as part of an application process for a gig out in CA, I immediately thought of Twin Town as my first choice to film for. The owners were gracious and kind enough to let me come in and film and I'm happy with how it turned out! 

Twin Town Guitars - Filmed & Edited by Seth McGaha

Learn more about Twin Town Guitars here.

Family Visit (Photos)

This week has been COLD to say the least, but our hearts have been warm and toasty thanks to a visit from my brother James. Despite nearly breaking his foot while falling down our basement stairs shortly after arrival, James was a trooper and we all loved having him here on holiday. I'll need to figure out how to make the carpet less slippery on the stairs, any suggestions? 

One of our family traditions is to get breakfast at our local favorite spot, Mickey's Diner in downtown St. Paul, which we did with James this morning. If you live in Minnesota and haven't been there at least once, I'd suggest you make things right and go tomorrow morning (or anytime, it's open 24/7). If you grew up in the 90's, chances are you've seen the Mighty Ducks movies, which features Mickey's Diner as the place of employment for Charlie Conway's mom. So legit! 

We love you James! 


A Morning Session with Nick Costa (VIDEO)

Nick greeted me early Saturday morning, barefoot and jolly, ready to film a morning session in his brownstone apartment in south St. Paul. “We can film anywhere except that room. I’ve been given orders, can’t film in there”, referring to the closed french doors leading into his (and her) bedroom. “No worries” I reply smiling, knowing my wife would probably echo similar sentiments. 

Costa is a Twin Cities-based guitarist and songwriter for bands such as The Person & The PeopleThe 4onthefloorThe Crash Bandits and Dan Mariska & The Boys Choir. After brewing some strong coffee and plenty of shop-talk about guitars and grocery stores, Nick and I settled into his living room, acoustic in hand, camera in mine, and he began to play some tunes. Here is that morning session with Nick Costa: 

Minneapolites One-Year Bash!

The Minneapolites blog celebrated it's one-year of local food and drink blogging at Dangerous Man Brewer in NE Minneapolis, including a special music performance by Tyler Burkum. It was fun snapping some pics for the event!