Redding Arts X The Makery

I recently joined forces with Tyler Linahan of Redding Arts and Elizabeth Wright of The Makery to capture the process of the installation of a mural by Dawn Verhey and Cami Zea. This mural and event space brings so much life and value to downtown Redding. It’s an honor to have been apart of this opening project with so much potential to grow in the future.

About the Makery
The Makery was birthed out of a longing to gather creatives and makers together to collaborate on projects, encourage one another and empower the community to create. I am a firm believer that we are better together. The Makery is a beautiful space in the heart of downtown Redding designed to inspire creatives, individuals and organizations to dream, host and create the best possible events. It is a multi-use space for collaborations, co-work, events and workshops. My desire is that when you step into The Makery that it inspires and empowers you to create.

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Sweet baby Iver

On Friday, August 31 at 7:30 pm, we welcomed our 3rd little one into the world, our first born in CA! My wife Riley endured so much through this pregnancy including having to evacuate the area for a week due to wildfires while about 8 months pregant. She is the brightest light in the world and I'm so thankful for her. Our 3 sons are so blessed to have her as their mother. 

We had an amazing experience with the care provided by Mercy Medical Center Redding. Here's a little video I put togeher: 

Filmed and Edited by Seth McGaha
Camera: Leica SL + 24-90mm lens

Gardens - Leica SL

I had a refreshing time today strolling around the Turtle Bay gardens with the Leica SL mirrorless camera w/ Leica 24-90mm lens, with a cheap variable ND filter for shooting in bright daylight. I mostly wanted to capture some of the fall colors, I was surprised to find a majority of the plants and trees are still green, considering it's late October. 

Hard to say if the ND filter softened the image, it seems like it could be sharper considering it's 4k footage. Overall happy with the colors and sharpness. The built-in mic did pretty well too, that continues to surprise me. 

Happy trails, xo 



Easter Weekend (Photos)

Easter Weekend (Photos)

We had such a sweet Easter weekend with family visting in Northern California and here are some of the moments we shared together before the rain returned.  XO

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Socality Redding (VIDEO)

by Seth McGaha

Here's a little recap I shot and edited for the @socality Redding event this past weekend, thanks to @loveinjustin and everyone who helped make it happen! A warm hug and thanks to Heritage Roasing Co for sponsoring this event and for serving us the best coffee in town! 

Bass Fishing (Video)

Last summer I tagged along with my brother Shaun on a bass fishing outing in central Minnesota, and I'm just now finding time to edit and post the footage, so here it is! 

Twin Town Guitars (VIDEO)

I recently shot and edited a 30-second spot for Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis. I've been a long time fan and customer of theirs and when I was given the assignment to shoot a commercial as part of an application process for a gig out in CA, I immediately thought of Twin Town as my first choice to film for. The owners were gracious and kind enough to let me come in and film and I'm happy with how it turned out! 

Twin Town Guitars - Filmed & Edited by Seth McGaha

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Colorado Trip (Photos)

13 years ago this month, I packed the few belongings I owned and moved from the Pacific Northwest to the rocky mountains of Colorado as a young and inspiring 19 year-old with a headful of ideas and aspirations. My understanding of life and faith went through many seasons of joy and sorrow, resulting in friendships that are still alive and well today. 

This recent trip to Colorado reminds me of how fortunate I have been and continue to be in light of these friends from all over the country. My brother James was even able to make the journey and we all had an amazing time on and off the slopes of Keystone. I only wish the trip could have lasted longer. 




As Christmas nears and another year comes to a end, it's comforting knowing that we can survive the harshest conditions without completely going stir crazy... although it really helps knowing this is our last Minnesota winter :) #reddingca

Filmed and Edited by Seth McGaha, Videographer & Editor. 

A Morning Session with Nick Costa (VIDEO)

Nick greeted me early Saturday morning, barefoot and jolly, ready to film a morning session in his brownstone apartment in south St. Paul. “We can film anywhere except that room. I’ve been given orders, can’t film in there”, referring to the closed french doors leading into his (and her) bedroom. “No worries” I reply smiling, knowing my wife would probably echo similar sentiments. 

Costa is a Twin Cities-based guitarist and songwriter for bands such as The Person & The PeopleThe 4onthefloorThe Crash Bandits and Dan Mariska & The Boys Choir. After brewing some strong coffee and plenty of shop-talk about guitars and grocery stores, Nick and I settled into his living room, acoustic in hand, camera in mine, and he began to play some tunes. Here is that morning session with Nick Costa: 

Powwow for Hope (PHOTOS)

I had the honor of attending the 5th Annual Powwow For Hope: "Dancing for Life, Love & Hope" at Fort Snelling in St. Paul, MN, my first experience at an American Indian powwow. I hope to attend more in the future and would encourage everyone to consider attending and learning more about the spirituality of our native brothers and sisters.